ok so i am using initials and alternate terms snce i don't feel ke using real names. i just woke up and feel the need to write down this dreams because it was SO VIVID!

so it starts some how with the boys being up here for some reason. i suggest us hanging out with my sisters and going out having a good time and then them crashing at my place. but for some reason it wasn't my place, it was my parents house (aka, the house i grew up in). whatever. so they say sure, and i ask both my sisters if they want to do something and they both give me lame excuses as to why not. so it ends up just being myself, the boys, and some other random dude who i can't remember who it was. there was no scene where we went out, it just cut to me sleeping and dreaming(hence the title of the post). in this dream i see a bunch of different scenes playing out. the most prevalent was one where G gets really hurt (he gets crushed by a Bass Drum...i dunno) and i am right there when it happens, i scream for J to come and he does and G dies right there in J's arms. J then gets so mad at me that he never speaks to me again. end dream. i wake up and descend the stairs and the the boys and other are there just waking up. so i tell the boys the dream omitting the part where G dies, because i don't want to freak them out. so we are getting them ready to leave back to where they came from and as we are loading the car, G trips over my cat Sarah (though not sure why sarah was there) and hurts his foot really bad. i happen to be right there so i catch him, and G is bigger then me so there is NO WAY i'll be able to help him up. so i call for J and he comes running and it plays out similar to the dream. except he is fine with it because accidents happen.....that is until he finds the secret panel in the wall (as my mom is tending to G's wounds) within the secret panel was like an alternate universe type thing. and my mom chimes in "oh, that's my sister's secret space" turns out what was in the alternate universe was making all bad dreams come true. and then i woke up thinking, WTF?!