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so when i was a young girl i had an obsession with the American Girl series Molly. Molly was my favorite character. i think it was for many reason, not the least of which is she looks like me. i also very much liked her story because it happened on the home front during WWII. the one thing i never got, but ALWAYS wanted, was the 18" Molly Doll. it seemed like everyone and their sister had one. my cousins, the little girl down the street, etc. i never got her. i asked for her almost every Christmas. i would have kept asking, but i eventually got too old for one, or at least....according to society i was too old. the bad thing is, i still pine for her. but a 26 year old playing with a doll is a little ridiculous, unless of course, that doll belongs to a child, whom they are also playing with. this however does not stop me from wanting her, and going on the American girl website pretty often. i think i would crap myself if i went to American girl place. the fact that i know it's called American Girl place and not something else is pretty bad in itself. but on the other hand, whose to say it would look silly or be inappropriate. pursue your passion. but...she is 114 dollars and i have more important things to spend my money on......maybe I'll ask for her next Christmas.....
I wish I could help you out. The best I can do is email Santa Claus. -_-'

Thanks for your comments on deviant, they really mean alot to me. And even though we've never met face-to-face, I've always concidered you one of my best friends.
exactly what i was trying to say on deviant. it's not about meeting, it about the connection we have. we have been talking for, by my calculations, over 10 years. that's longer then i've known some of my current friends. that says something. i feel like someday we may meet, but until we do, this is just fine by me! message me sometime soon, i'm on AIM, and gTalk, and facebook, and such....
Please help me find you on facebook. I'm Jake Zale.
ok i found you/ added you, Rebecca Walsh, current pic is me at age 4