so i'm frustrated. i know what i want, i just don't know the best way to go about it. Jake has always had it in his mind that he would move out here and i've always had it in my mind that i would move out there. the decision has now been made that i will move there, but the questions still remain of how and when. i want to do it. i wanted to do it yesterday, last month, last year. looking at all the factors, it would litterally be starting my whole life over again. now job, probebly no car (because insurance costs are way too high there), just a place to live and people who love me. it means leaving everything i know out here to take a chance in a new place. this is very very scary. but it's what i want in the end. i want to be with Jake. I love him immensly. but i'm scared. scared of living somewhere else, scared that when i get out there i won't be able to find a job, scared that my cats wont get along with the other cats in the house (and the dog). i feel quite discouraged by the whole thing. i know deep down that everything will work out. all will be fine, but i worry about this. i know my friends will still be my friends no matter where i am, and that i have the potential to make new friends. yes i would miss them. but i know they love me and just want me to be happy.